Monday, December 17, 2007

Top of the World

I'm home having lunch at work, it happens sometimes when were in the area. I can pop in and nuke my faux mac n cheese and talk to the cat until we get a call. The neighbors of our duplex are next door playing heavy metal in their garage that they insulated with matresses that i'm constantly worried will catch fire and do nothing as far as insulating sound is concerned. I don't mind their music, its nice they are being creative. Today we had a lady who was a hard core rubbing alcohol huffer. She was older, early 60's, from Germany with a thick accent and lived with her elderly mother who buys her the rubbing alcohol at Costco, big boxes full she said. She had a towel dripping with the stuff around her neck that the police had to help me pry from her hands while she kept trying to get it up to her face, her clothes were soaked in it also. She would say proudly, "No, I don't drink alcohol! Test my blood! Oh, rubbing alcohol, yes! I put it on a towel and sniff it!" She then sang a variety of christmas songs and show tunes on the way to the hospital.

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