Friday, February 15, 2008

You Make The World What It Is

My valentines day was awsome! I woke up early, skipped chemistry and helped deliver flowers for a florist downtown. To me this is one of those dream jobs you think, oh wouldn't it be fun to deliver flowers! I had a friend of a friend needing help with deliveries who has called me for the past few years but I've always been busy, this year I had no excuse. The experience was amazing! I ran around everywhere, in almost every huge building, a few little houses, and for once(as opposed to the ambulance) everyone was delighted to see me! Peoples reactions were so cute, a mix of surprised, awkward and really? For me? I had one elderly lady who looked as if she hadn't had a visitor in months, she opened the door, saw this huge bouquet and just lit up, she made me want to cry. It was a lot of work, I delivered a million bouquets(most of which cost way over $100!) and made some extra cash to spend at the flower and garden show next weekend. Heres to great opportunities, and taking them! 

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megan elizabeth said...

you are the best ever......maybe I should fly up and go to the garden show with you? my new obsession are shrubs....evergreenery