Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Do, We Do

Saturday night was the marvelous wedding of my friends Jill and Jason! It was on the beach at Golden Gardens on a beautiful 80 degree day. The reception was at the old brick bath house that sits just off the beach. There was an open bar, drag queen, karaoke, and last but certainly not least, the vodka ice luge. Thanks for a good time guys and CONGRATS!

My friend Kiki and I made all the bouquets!

Inside the bath house! Beautiful!

This is the vodka luge. One is to pour their booze in the top and laugh as it twirls down through the ice and deposits in a waiting cup chilled as the arctic! Then one realizes after a few of these that their head fits where the cup goes and the party progresses!

Lovely evening at the beach. Once again, congratulations!

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